Step by Step for Wedding Day

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11-12 Months Earlier
* Determine your honeymoon destination and start looking for tours that you will use.
* Find out how to register your marriage at Civil Registry or KUA.
* Find out if you want to get married in church or other place of worship.
* Determine the date of marriage, find some alternatives if the date you want is not available
* Find information about everything related to marriage, such as bridal, reception venue, wedding suit, and others. Information can be obtained from family, friends or visit the exhibitions wedding.
* Determine the magnitude of the budget
Arrange the budget based on budget, from the largest to the smallest Starting from catering + and + gown pictures, etc..
* Create a list of places where the reception. Began to think of will be held where your wedding day, whether in hotels, restaurants, or a ball room of leased buildings.
* Perform pre-marriage medical tests.
* Create a list of catering, catering. Visit them, and do the test food. Begin preparing the menu for your wedding day.

9-10 Months Earlier
* Book a wedding reception for you immediately in order not to be preceded by another couple.
* Determine your bridesmaids. 1 person adolescent female escort, a person groomsmen, bridesmaids and 2 small children.
* Determine the receptionist and book keeper guests.
* Decide who will be catering supervisor.
* Tell your wedding date in the church or other place of worship, if you want to get married there.
* Determine the caterer that you will use, following the main menu and lodgings.
* Determine the number of guests who come from both sides. Start writing the guest list, check with both your parents, names of relatives who must be invited.
* Immediately specify the model of your wedding dress, and select one of the bridal bridal-existing.
* If you want both parents of women wearing clothes from the same material at the reception, start looking for material now.
* Determine the uniforms that will be used by the ushers, guest book and family carers. Start looking for the material now.
* Determine the bride to the groom’s suit

7-8 Months Before
* Begin to determine the color that will be highlighted to show the party line
* Message invitations
* Message objects gratitude to guests
* Message reception room decor
* Rent a car immediately in order to obtain the desired type and color
* Message documentation purposes, including: photo studio, photo and video coverage
* Message groom’s suit complete with accessories
* Message wedding cake

5-6 Months Before
* Give immediate letters to the manufacture of marriage certificate to the authorities
* Buy or rent a bridal room knick-knacks
* Shopping housewares and utilities Seserahan
* Driving accompanist for measuring the body to manufacture a new dress
* Take care of the face and body regularly

3-4 Months Before
* Group your invitation cards to facilitate the delivery
* Make an appointment with a designer for a wedding dress fitting
* Make sure the menu order and count the number of orders as carefully as possible
* Take the order wedding rings
* Select gifts for those who help you a lot
* Discuss the desired hairstyle with your hair stylist
* Perform test makeup
* Photos should be done at the studio make-up test in order to get excellent results

1-2 Months Before
* Do not forget to take a multivitamin every day
* Arrange the D-day schedule starting from before the makeup to complete the party and give a copy to the parties concerned
* Confirm all your orders for decorating the reception hall, photos, videos, cakes, MC, music player (also specify which songs should be played), fencing beautiful / good hands and flowers
* Hold a meeting with all committee
* Do a final fitting of wedding dress complete with accessories
* Perform maintenance full face and body
* Confirm your back all orders
* Get plenty of rest


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